Every Creators Bestie to Sell Like Crazy
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Discover Every Creators Bestie to SELL LIKE CRAZY even while you sleep. Because, if you’re a creator and not making money while you’re sleeping, you’re still working.  


Get snackable, addictive tips and scripts to,

  • Pitch with authority, Crush vulnerability
  • Create relationships for life and turn your fans into paying clients – while you sleep.
  • Avoid Setbacks by knowing How to Control the conversation to Get Your YES
  • Go Big: How to influence 1- to – many using PR, Podcasts, and Stages
  • Turn a NO into a YES, overcome to success!

success requires you to be prepared. know what you want to achieve. begin with the end in mind and control the conversation.


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Anyone can create a clothing line.  Only the business of apparel is complex. 


After being asked about the “business of fashion” and "how do i create clothing,” we are passing along the goldmine of insider tips to guide you into this fun, always evolving industry.  

  • The Fashion Startup Playbook is A best friend for anyone aspiring to create or work in the Business of Fashion. 
  • Learn 3 ways anyone can have a clothing line in 90 days
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What are the 

Ten Commandments To Be A Sales Rockstar?  

Creators would ask for advice on how to command attention and create opportunities. After sharing scripts that led to success, and seeing peoples lives transform with a shift of a word or action, I saw a theme of practical tools that consistently guide creatives to achieve.   


My dad would say, the “Ten Commandments of Wall Street are WHEN IN DOUBT, MAKE MONEY.”  Only, no one knew the other nine so I had to fill them in. 


These are not tools to keep when they will help you get where you want to go.  Join the movement and uncover possibilities, position yourself for growth, and get your YES – get what you want.    You don’t want to miss out on this offer.